Application Configuration Management built for the 21st century.

Introducing a centralized configuration management store that is built from the ground up to be simple and secure. Effortlessly create and distribute configuration to your applications. Use Configstr to replace your traditional Change Control process and greately decrease your time to deployment as well as boost visibility, tracking, and reliability of configuration changes in your application environments.

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Securely save sensitive secrets in a way that only your application can access them.


One click rollback and easy promotion of configuration changes. Visbility into what configuration your applications are running on.

Ready for Teams

Collaborate and track configuration changes within your applications and across your entire organization.


From one application with 1 instance, to hundreds of applications with thousands of instances, Configstr is designed to scale with your business.

Secure. Simple. Powerful

Whether you are a developer working on a personal side project, or a Fortune 500 company with hundreds or thousands of applications running Configstr has been built to be the perfect Application Configuration Management tool.

We have spent years working with companies of all sizes. Unfortunately, it is very common for companies to store sensitive information right alongside source code. We have also seen monolithic change control processes make it time consuming to implement simple configuration changes. Configstr was built to solve these challenges.